FAKRO is the best solutions, modern design and a coherent aesthetic line. We offer a full range of windows and door joinery, aimed at demanding investors.

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Architecture isn’t about buildings – it’s about people. It’s people we think about when we create each project. Use materials that are durable, timeless and beautiful. Promote good Polish design and material culture. Don’t allow for any compromises in terms of quality – we build homes for people, not houses of cards. Respect our natural environment – every structure is just a complement to its surroundings. Set out a direction for development that supports modern architecture. Let us create with perfection in mind as this is the only way we can aim high and achieve more.

Together we can design the impossible

It has great strength. It is the beginning. Inspiration. It is the signpost showing directions in your home. Light means that you are alive, that you feel, and that your home lives and feels with you.

Let it into your interior and create the perfect composition of warmth, calm and energy. It is thanks to the presence of light, aesthetic and functional cohesion in interiors, outstanding architecture of the shape of the building and surroundings, that you can say loudly and confidently: “Yes, this is my home and I’m proud of it.”

Do you feel good in your own skin? If you do, your home should feel good in its skin.

In its shape. This can’t be bland, invisible, banal. It has to entice with its shape, to combine taste, mystery and simplicity. Your home must be you. It should be your best friend that you can truly be yourself with.

There is no need for words here as everyone understands and perceives art in a completely different manner.

It combines a sea of imagination, talent and the individual character of the creator. Now you can be that creator, creating your own home – a true work of art.


When spending time in enclosed spaces, we instinctively look for somewhere with plenty of natural light. In the attic, it is best to use a large glazed area which will provide plenty of natural light, practically unlimited views outside and a make you feel connected with the world around you.

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FAKRO’s products for flat roofs illuminate interiors with natural light, provide an opportunity to air the space, and combine a high degree of functionality, modern design and excellent technical specification. Now every room under a flat roof can be warm, light and extremely comfortable.

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Vertical windows from FAKRO’s INNOVIEW series are a perfect combination of wood and aluminium, featuring unrivalled durability, high energy savings, excellent security, aesthetics and comfort of use.

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FAKRO transforms the concept of the interior. It changes the traditional division of the house and uses modern solutions to enable interiors which are open to the world around us. The house forms a whole with its interior. You can make use, on a grand scale, of the perspective, view and character of the surroundings as a coherent element of the layout concept.

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The garage door no longer plays a mere functional role, it is also becoming one of the major architectural elements of a building. It sometimes emphasizes and complements the aesthetic values of the home and sometimes even constitutes a starting point in the visual composition of the building. Sectional garage doors from FAKRO’s INNOVIEW LINE have been designed and constructed “from scratch.” The unique solutions guarantee the highest quality and aesthetics of workmanship, very good heat insulation, safety and comfort of use.

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Apart from the sheer functionality, entrance doors constitute an important decorative element complementing the appearance of your home. Entrance doors from the INNOVIEW LINE series have been created from a combination of wood and aluminium lining.

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External awnings fitted to vertical windows significantly improve the comfort experienced while inside the building on hot days. They absorb the sunlight before it reaches the pane, and emit heat outwards, thus protecting the interior against overheating.

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