Glass is one of the basic materials applied in architecture. Originally, it was used exclusively for the manufacture of windows. Nowadays, thanks to developing technology it is seen as an element having a great impact on the building’s aesthetics. Glass is a universal material that makes it easy to integrate modern buildings into existing architecture, therefore architects are eager to use it in their projects.

Large glazed areas which once were identified with a luxury or office buildings have become very popular in the last decade and found their place also in traditional single-family buildings. Large glazings not only go well with the existing infrastructure. It is also a large quantity of natural light inside the building and a wide view to the outside, which is ideal for interior design. By using large glazings in the living room we can combine residential space with garden. Roof window combinations allow to integrate attic with the sky. Large glazed areas also optically enlarge the living space. This architectural trick is especially recommended for rooms featuring a small surface. Ensuring a feeling of privacy and heating of rooms may seem problematic, however modern accessories for windows provide protection against any observers who might be tempted to take a peek inside, without interfering view to the outside and ingress of natural light into the room.



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