Videoblog #5: Robert Konieczny about responsibility

Responsibility… everyone interprets it in their own way. See what Robert Konieczny, FAKRO brand ambassador, says about responsibility in architecture. Windows are of great importance in the building that connect us with the outside world, not to protect us from it. We have to take responsibility into our own hands, we have to design and choose products wisely. If only we follow this, we will live better lifes.
Robert Konieczny organized his studio KWK Promes in Katowice. He knows and feels this city perfectly well and that is why the Unikato project was inspired by something local, unobvious and even controversial. The building itself has won many awards and distinctions, and the philosophy accompanying its creation is… but more about it, in the videoblog, which we invite you to watch.

You can turn on English subtitles in the YouTube player.



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